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WP Engine
WP Engine
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  • Heil PR-40: This is the microphone I use for all of my screencasts.
  • Zoom H4n: Excellent digital recorder I use for all recordings.



  • WordPress: The world's most popular publishing platform! All of my sites use WordPress. WordPress has the largest community and available add ons than any other software online.
  • ThemeForest:Themes for every style. I highly recommend and use the ThemeBlvd Theme.
  • Thesis Theme:From business websites to personal blogs an all around solid theme.


- Tools -

- Marketing -

- Performance -

Chrome Extensions

  • LastPass: Never remember another password.
  • Page Speed: This a plugin by Google that is perfect for finding bottlenecks on your site.
  • PageRank: Handy little free PageRank checker and other metrics.


- Images -

  • iStockPhoto: Explore millions of high quality stock photos. Most items on this site are from iStockPhoto.
  • FontAwesome: Performance optimized icons for fast websites
  • Webtreats: High quality free images for personal and commercial use.
  • SSLPIC: Free SSL image hosting. Perfect for branding your e-commerce.

- Video -

  • Videohive: Royalty free video files from $1. I use this service all the time.
  • Pond5: The world's stock media marketplace. I have found very unique clips here.
  • Camtasia Studio: Screen recording software, I have used to program for almost all my videos.

- Audio -

  • AudioJungle: Music loops, sound effects, and packages. This is my goto source for audio


  • F.lux: Reduces eye fatigue on your computer
  • Workrave: Helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)



  • Netbeans IDE: The smartest and fastest way to code for free
  • NotePad++: A free General open source code editor
  • XAMPP: Put WordPress on your own computer
  • Filezilla: The free FTP solution
  • WordPress Duplicator: Backup and move your site for one location to another.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: New tools for the New Creatives.
  • Bootstrap: The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive projects on the web.
  • WebFonts: Web fonts are more beautiful, readable and open. Stop using images! Use Web Fonts!



- Shared -

  • HostMonster: I use host monster on about half of my sites. They work quite well.
  • In Motion: Everything you need to get online.
  • WP Engine: WordPress hosting is all they do.

- Dedicated -

- Domains & CDNs -

  • GoDaddy: Get Yours Today! World's Largest Domain Registrar. I have tried many registrars and I keep coming back to GoDaddy. While I don’t recommend them for hosting, they do have very good tools all around for domain name management.
  • MaxCDN: MaxCDN hosts your images to supercharge your site. I have used this service and it works great!


  • FreshBooks: Accounting made for the Non-Accountant.
  • Hesk: Free help desk software.
  • FreshDesk: Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!


  • E-Junkie: Helping you sell online, super easy tools.
  • ClickBank: Information + Entrepreneur = Infopreneur
  • PayPal: Easy online payments

Hire Help

  • Codeable: One or more programming tasks by professional developers
  • WP Curve: Unlimited WordPress support & small jobs, 24/7 from $69 per month
  • 99 Designs: Get custom design work that fits your style.
  • CrowdSpring:The World's #1 marketplace for logos, graphics and names.




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