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Duplicator - Changelog History

The hot fix line is tagged "Development Version" under Other Versions on the Developer section at The release version will follow the partner where even numbers are in the release line and odd numbers are part of testing development line.

1.1.6 (2016-3-27)

- Fix: For notice message in package view.
- Fix: Cleaner visual layout for package create new screen
- Fix: Installer checks for writable wp-config.php before updating
- Fix: Installer handles variable named constants for WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL

1.1.4 (2016-2-09)

- Fix: Security patch for CSRF by RatioSec.
- New: Details for version info on PHP, WP and Database.

1.1.2 (2016-1-28)

- New: Separate Details page to provide more package details.
- New: Update to font-awesome 4.5.
- Fix: Delete reserved files cleanup message is more clear.
- Fix: Language files were broken with last release

1.1.0 (2015-12-9)

- Pulling Beta Status: After 4 years in beta moving to a 1.x status. Moving from 0.5.34 to 1.1 since beta lasted so long
Why the large jump in versions? Many authors just start out at 1.0 when releasing a plugin. In order to not give brand new users an impression that the plugin just came out we have adjusted it to a 1.1 release.
- New: JSON link in scanner for quick viewing
- New: Compatibility mode for mysqldump options
- Update: Error log cleanup code forum thread
- Update: F5 Refresh on scanner page caused lose of form data
- Update: language file slug from 'wpduplicator' to 'duplicator' per wp-team
- Update: Improve build status message
- Update: Product logo and new svg logo integration
- Update: Visual fixes for WorpPress 4.4
- Fix: Scan Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER
- Fix: Windows XP issues with glob(*.zip) on installer added secondary check

0.5.34 (2015-11-1)

- Update: New Encoding lib added for better "Name Checks" on scanner
- Update: Removed legacy code for reported security check for code that was never called.
- Update: PHP version check from 5.2.17 to 5.2.9.

0.5.32 (2015-10-11)

- Update: Improved checks for shell_exec support
- Update: Refactor work on reserved file checks
- Fix: DB-encoding lost when reconnecting after error git merge

0.5.30 (2015-9-7)

- Fix: installer listed wrong version was showing 0.5.26 (updated define.php)
- Update: Improved required file checking on database.sql file
- Update: Global warning for any reserved file
- Update: Improve readability of Duplicator error log results

0.5.28 (2015-8-18)

- Update: Security patch for authenticated administrators that can inject html/js code (XSS)

Changelog History
0.4.6 - 0.4.0
0.4.6 - 0.4.0
0.3.2 - 0.3.0
0.2.9 - 0.2.0 (first version)

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