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Duplicator - Changelog History

The hot fix line is tagged "Development Version" under Other Versions on the Developer section at As of version 0.5.4 the release version will follow the partner where even numbers are in the release line and odd numbers are part of testing development line. Also please note while the product is in beta we will not support any versions but the very latest for support issues.

1.1.0 (2015-11-)

- New: Pulling Beta Status: After 4 years
- New: JSON link in scanner for quick viewing
- Update: Error log cleanup code forum thread
- Update: F5 Refresh on scanner page caused lose of form data
- Update: language file slug from 'wpduplicator' to 'duplicator' per wp-team
- Update: Improve build status message
- Fix: Scan Warning: array_count_values(): Can only count STRING and INTEGER

0.5.34 (2015-11-1)

- Update: New Encoding lib added for better "Name Checks" on scanner
- Update: Removed legacy code for reported security check for code that was never called.
- Update: PHP version check from 5.2.17 to 5.2.9.

0.5.32 (2015-10-11)

- Update: Improved checks for shell_exec support
- Update: Refactor work on reserved file checks
- Fix: DB-encoding lost when reconnecting after error git merge

0.5.30 (2015-9-7)

- Fix: installer listed wrong version was showing 0.5.26 (updated define.php)
- Update: Improved required file checking on database.sql file
- Update: Global warning for any reserved file
- Update: Improve readability of Duplicator error log results

0.5.28 (2015-8-18)

- Update: Security patch for authenticated administrators that can inject html/js code (XSS)

0.5.26 (2015-8-15)

- New: Scanner warnings checkbox to continue build
- New: Tools > Diagnostics > Shell Exec Check
- New: Scanner 'Archive Details' includes WP Root Path

0.5.24 (2015-6-30)

- Update: Removed support for RecursiveDirectoryIterator
- Update: French translation updated
- Update: Scanner improved support for utf8 named files/folders
- Update: Added nonce security checks to admin forms
- Fix: Scanner will skip unreadable directories
- Fix: Scanner will apply utf8_encode to Name Check warnings
- Fix: CSS conflict with Fast Secure Contact Form plugin

0.5.22 (2015-5-23)

- Update: Minor fix for PHP notices on some systems

0.5.20 (2015-5-23)

- New: New language (fr_IR) file by Moslem, Fallah Niat
- New: Improved Scanner Interface line by line item checks
- New: Installer Dbport as optional stand-alone parameter
- Update: MySQLi moved to scanner, no longer a requirement check
- Update: German lang files

0.5.18 (2015-05-01)

- New: Storage indicator for base storage path
- New: Updated French language files
- Fix: CSS conflicts with core admin pages
- Update: Notes button for more flush package view
- Update: Improved FAQ integration
- Update: Minor code cleanup

0.5.16 (2015-04-09)

- Fix: Security check for package deletion with prepare statement
- Fix: Diagnostics link on Scan page was moved to new location

0.5.14 (2015-04-08)

- New: Simplified package layout (removed tabs)
- New: Updated menu with gopro page link
- Fix: PHP header bug using HTML instead of HTTP
- Fix: header notices conform to WP standard
- Fix: Directory filter for "/path/abc" would also exclude "/path/abc123"
- Update: Requirement check for mb_strlen
- Update: Modified 'read' perms to 'manager' for help/about links

0.5.12 (2015-01-12)

- New: Package Query Limit for phpDump
- New: Memory Footprint for package log file
- New: Package includes SQL timezone and timestamp markers
- Update: Installer remove call to troubleshoot dialog window
- Update: Improve Settings class for default values
- Fix: Installer overflow for larger message warnings
- Fix: Package '.' dot in filter name not saving

0.5.10 (2014-12-26)

- New: Integration with User Role Editor Free and Professional see settings menu
- New: Integrity validation for completed SQL files
- Update: Plugin to jQuery UI 1.11.2
- Update: Installer updated to jQuery 2.1.3
- Update: Installer updated to jQuery UI 1.11.2
- Update: Installer uses only required jQuery UI elements for lighter footprint
- Update: Installer improved to log installer visual errors to install-log.txt
- Update: Directory scan check for names ending with period (Windows incompatible)
- Fix: Better notices for package cache directory checking
- Fix: Support for systems that don't support GLOB_BRACE
- Fix: Security issue with privilege escalation courtesy of:
- Fix: Uncaught 'Unable to zip directory' warning on root folder in log file

0.5.8 (2014-9-17)

- New: Support for JSON encoded URL and path strings
- Update: Better organized package requirements layout
- Update: Separate Help and About pages
- Update: Package permission checks now checks for opendir
- Fix: Installer password check for html special characters
- Fix: Installer memory leak for large database update routine

0.5.6 (2014-7-09)

- New: Scan report > Shows new view toggle menu of filters
- New: Scan report > Checks for WordPress version support
- New: Scan report > Shows cache directory size
- New: Scan report > Performs core file check
- New: Installer > new installer-backup.php file is added to archive
- New: Settings > new option to exclude .htaccess file from storage directory (wp-snapshots)
- Update: File filter extensions auto removes '.' and spaces
- Update: Improved performance for Archive Flush setting
- Update: Installer > UI display improvements
- Update: Better security for installer build files
- Update: Font Awesome to 4.1

0.5.4 (2014-6-05)

- New: Scan report is generated to help speed up build process
- New: French translation addded
- Fix: Notice warning was throwing warning when plugin was deactivated
- Fix: DBDelta function only called when version is changed
- Fix: Runtime Error with DirectoryIterator on Scanner
- Fix: Other minor adjustments and fixes
- Update: Web server check is no longer a requirement, just a scanner check
- Update: Improved UI display for excluding database tables

0.5.2 (2014-2-16)

- New: Add a new default name icon
- New: Reset button for all package settings
- Fix: Column list fix for tables with only int types
- Fix: Research SQL key words are escaped for column names
- Fix: Added warning suppression on scanner to
- Fix: Check for directories that have only space for a name
- Fix: WP 3.7 and below with PHP 5.2.17 has issues with a "." in package name
- Update: Added https for CDN library calls
- Update: Uninstall cleans up all settings if enabled


- Fix: Scanner bug with excluded files
- Fix: Installer bug with database updates
- Fix: Installer report stats fix


With version 0.5.0 the entire admin backend was reworked to allow for more features. With this change older packages are no longer visible in the UI. To get to your old packages you will need to open the wp-snapshots file and manually copy the installer and package file. Do not upgrade if you still want to see your older packages from within the user interface.
- New: Package PreScan wizard to isolate issues before build
- New: Package Table exclusion before build
- New: Settings options reset and cleanup
- New: Mysqldump output enabled for some servers
- New: Basic MU (multi-site) support
- Update: Permission check to show script owner
- Update: Rewrote all the admin logic to be more OO centric
- Update: Archive rename from "[Hash]_[Name]" to "[Name]_[Hash]"
- Fix: Installer resets htaccess on step one
- Fix: UI Overlay bug
- Fix: Version for css style check

0.4.6 - 0.4.0
0.3.2 - 0.3.0
0.2.9 - 0.2.0 (first version)

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