WordPress Duplicator
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Entire Site Backup *
Move A Site Quickly
Avoid Repetitive Setups
Templatize Your Site
Duplicate Niche Sites Fast

Life in the Grid is proud to announce the Duplicator. This free plugin is a powerful tool you can use to do the rapidly clone and deploy WordPress sites.

Duplicator has many happy users! Please checkout the online reviews for a rundown of how the Plugin has helped the WordPress community!
Use Cases
- Backup Your Site
- Create a Snapshot
- Sync Prod to Dev
- Create Templates
- Share Your Site
The Duplicator plugin is designed to give WordPress Administrators the ability to migrate a site from one location to another location. Simply create the package, download and run the installer. There is no longer any need to change all your settings and re-run import/export scripts.

Cloning your WordPress just got easier...

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Support Center

Support Center
The support center can help answer basic questions regarding the Duplicator. Please see the knowledgebase, with documentation, FAQs, videos and resources designed to help you with your WordPress migration.

Do you manage multiple sites?

Duplicate them with Duplicator then manage with ManageWP

* The Duplicator can have issues with larger websites on shared/budget hosts, for more details please visit the knowledgebase.